Hey Neighbor Greetings

The Hey Neighbor Greetings is a promotional vehicle that is carefully designed to support the marketing efforts of local businesses. The Greetings is a single 8 1/2 by 14 sheet containing eight 2-sided promotions which is sent to a local audience. The Greetings

  • Uses the Post Office's EDDM program to keep mail costs at a bare minimum
  • is printed on hardy stock that is perforated to allow each promotion to be detached and kept in the purse or wallet of the consumer
  • is colorful and bold enough to be attention-getting
  • all eight promotions are clearly visible at first glance
  • is mailed to a target audience selected to be in the "sweet spot" of local businesses
  • has one all-inclusive price for the promotion and one optional add-on feature to support relationship marketing
  • has a local rep in each geographic area to support advertisers and work with prospects


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