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In this economy, it makes even greater sense to use your marketing budget wisely. If you don't have a marketing budget and you don't have all the business you need, there is a disconnect. Don't stop marketing - just market wiser.

I am old enough - actually way old enough - to remember when the majority of household shopping was done at local storefronts. There was a convenience and a comfort going to the market or the bank or talking to your doctor or insurance agent and dealing with someone you knew - someone with local connections, someone who was a neighbor.

Now people have a wide variety of options for finding and buying what they want. However, even with e-commerce and mobile marketing and social marketing and the next innovation around the bend, there is still a need for local merchants and service providers, servicing the neighborhood, to promote their products and services locally ... but it has become much more difficult for these businesses to get appropriate attention in their marketplace.

We have introduced the various "Hey Neighbor" Marketing™ services to help these local businesses compete by getting them the attention that they deserve.

If you are on a limited budget but want your door to open or your phone to ring, take a look at The greetings. This is a new and exciting way to promote your business to your immediate market.

For those businesses that have a strong message and want to tell everyone about it, local mailing using the Post Office's new EDDM program is the simplest and least expensive way to do it. Hey Neighbor Marketing™ makes it easy.

For those whose products and services are designed for a specific audience, targeted mailings are the answer. Hey Neighbor Marketing™ can help create the message, define the targeted audience, and execute the mailing.

For any business, keeping track of customers and prospects and staying in touch with them in a meaningful way are fundamental underpinnings to success. Hey Neighbor Marketing ™ provides appropriate tools to shine in this area of relationship marketing.

Joseph Mack
General Manager, DataMart

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